Tis The Season


‘Tis the Season…The Cold and Flu Season


            In order to actually get sick with a cold or the flu you must be the host or hostess with the moistest for the germs to take up residency.  Cold and flu season has been marketed as a “season” to further sales of the flu shot and cold medications. 

            So what’s wrong with the flu shot?  Have you ever noticed how many people get the flu after the flu shot?  One reason for this is if your immune system is already vulnerable, injecting the toxins into your system is a sure fire prescription for getting the flu. 

The flu shot also contains many nasty toxins such as detergents, mercury, resin and formaldehydes.  If your liver does not have enough methyl donors these toxins can trigger an allergic or inflammatory response.

            We have noticed that the cold and flu season coincides with the return to school for children.  Polling parents we also discovered that there is an increase in candy and sugary foods sponsored by the schools themselves.

            The Holidays also hold the potential for becoming Cold and Flu Season as office parties and holiday get togethers abound and alcohol and sugary food consumption also rises.

            If your immune system is strong and has been well fortified you can avoid a disabling bout with a cold or the flu.  90% of your immune system is in your gut.  Any imbalance in the gut environment puts you at risk for hosting a bacteria or virus.

            Strengtia is a potent pro-biotic that maintains gut health and immune strength.  The capsules are coated so they are activated in the large intestine where they are most needed. 

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